Monday, September 3, 2007

Reigning Babies

It's Reigning Babies!

Here is what is going on at New York Secondary School: When the world tunrs upside down, you had better hold on tight. What happens when not just one but two drama queens turn out to be pregnant? Well, Oola and her friends from the twelfth floor all knew that Chrysta Snow was with child and home in Virginia recovering from a broken ankle. Her return was a bit of a surprise. Then four days after her welcome-back, Deia Norton turns out to be pregnant as well and the father is...Phin-ee-ass, aka Sewer Mouth.

But wait, it gets even better. Though neither Chrysta nor Deia would admit it, they live for drama. Chrysta particularly does nothing to make peace between her present boyfriend and exboyfriend, one of whom (and it can only be one) is the father of her child.

Worse yet, Deia and Chrysta's pregnancies have caused many kids in New York Secondary's General Population to return to traditional values, well sort of. Getting pregnant and marrying the father of your child is cool. Hooking up and walking away unscathed is not. Suddenly, the popular but promiscuous Madira is both ostracized and without partners. Madira takes refuge on the study floor.

Meanwhile, Blessed Bartlow, a twelfth floor girl on scholarship, observes that if the rich kids at New York Secondary had to worry about how to support their offspring and whether they could finish school once they had a child, being pregnant would not carry half the cachet it currently does. Blessed may be right, but that and money on the Metro Card gets you a ride on the MTA.

Hang on. There's more drama to come, and it's going to be one wild ride.

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