Monday, August 27, 2007

All the Gnus That's Fit...

Welcome to our first news update on current storylines and discussions on Ghostletters!

The end of the summer vacation period may mean an increase in the number of posts. In the meantime there are just a few updates to offer.

New member Iby Tamwood has found herself caught in the crossfire between Sabira the were-leopardess and Leona the were-lioness who used to be an item.. and Ivy is handling it most diplomatically, She has recounted some less than splendid encounters with other vamps, suspects she has been poisoned.

Sabira has been in Central America enjoying the company of a were-jaguar and seeing the Mayan sights.. any opinion on 2012, Sabira? She is getting bored and looking to the Amazon for some new adventures.

Leona meanwhile gets an "all is forgiven" message from her old boss, Capt. Fred Brown of the clandestine shapeshifter organized crime task force in Seattle. She's accepted his invitation to come back with minimal punishment for deserting. Frida Stockton will be coming to hellp her with the rest of her training on managing life as a shapeshifter. And who was the operative who came to her door at the Great Southern Hotel in Galway to conduct her breakfast with Brown? None other than Lenandra, the were-tigress Leona thought she had killed.

In the meantime, Renard Duprey has arrived at the court of Lucia, the Queen of the Night. He has weapons to sell her, his price, getting to "Meet the Dragons". She would like to use her feminine deity wiles to get the most bang for her bucks, so to speak.

Next time: What's doing at New York Secondary School besides Ruchama's rather unllikely new correspondence with the Saxon street kid Stigand of Wintanceaster?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Creative Writing At Its Most Engaging!

Consider this blog "Ye Olde Spiritual Telegraph Crier", an irregular update on what storylines and othe doings can be found on the innovative collaborative writing group Ghostletters, a long-lived and ever-changing group often affectionately called The Spiritual Telegraph by its highly creative members.

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This blog is designed to keep our current members informed and to allow those interested in joining to see what millieu they will soon set their toes.. or paws.. or whatever... into.

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